Sunday, October 16, 2011

Late-Night Dressing

Have you ever had dinner at 9:30, finished two hours later, and still have energy (and room) for dessert? We have.

Dennis, Char, and I were so exhausted the second day of our Hong Kong trip, we decided to take a little naptime before dinner. After a lot of rubbing shoulders with the Saturday crowd in H&M, we went to the hotel to get some much-needed rest. I know... so very senior of us! Haha.

Well, some of us napped and some of us just rested, but we were definitely recharged. Here I am, bright and sunny at 9 pm for dinner! I layered two dresses; the one underneath fit me like a glove and I didn't want to expose my bones body parts, so I put on a floaty dress on top of it. I borrowed Char's quilted black bag.

The second dress is actually quite revealing as the lining reaches only a certain length, so the first dress functionally acted as a slip too :) I layered my cream-gold cardigan to keep me warm post-slumber.

I accessorized with enormous heart earrings and pulled my hair up to show them off.

Ready for dinner!!! Spicy Korean soup...

...and bibimbap :)

We finally finished dinner at 11:30 and could barely walk as we were so full. We couldn't believe we could possibly have dinner at this hour. Oh well, that's what vacations are about! ;) Eating and enjoying company without worrying about time. Here with Dennis, Char, and Gloria, who took us to a quaint Japanese dessert place.

The best thing I like about dresses? They hide the biggest bibimbap baby bumps :) *burp* Excuse me.

Tank dress (barely seen first layer) from Metallicus. Printed dress from ukay-ukay. Cardigan from Chicabooti. Earrings from Japan. Bag, Charlene's.

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