Saturday, October 22, 2011

Color Wheel - Complement Me!

Yes, spelling-and-grammar-checkers, I'm perfectly aware of the difference in "compliment" and "complement" and know the usage in the title is wrong. Just using a play on words! Read on and you'll soon see why ;p

I've been wearing a lot of prints but lately, I've been going back to solid-colored pieces, sometimes accented with a printed piece. A few days ago, I finally went full-on with color blocking. I didn't really plan on the color scheme of this look; it just happened that morning I was getting dressed! And I do love surprises -- the good kind :)

Remember the color wheel we learned in art class? Art class, by the way, was my favorite subject of all time! I love drawing and painting and creating things with my hands... I even enjoyed carpentry class and felt a bit relaxed in sewing class, when everyone else was cursing the old-fashioned pedal machine and taking it apart to untangle thread. Haha.

Anyway! My outfit of the day consisted of complementary colors orange and blue. I started out with my peach pants because I wanted to wear something breezy without exposing my legs to mosquitoes (there are so many nowadays). I added a sky blue blouse, just because it was there*, then hesitated a bit before plunging into a risky choice of a dark orange cardigan. I tamed the look with pearls and my hair in a bun.

If you can't remember what complementary colors are, here's a quick review. See where blue is directly across orange? The two are complementary.

And upon further research -- nerd mode! -- I know a better term for this is a split-complementary color scheme, where blue is matched with the adjacent colors to its complement. Well, maybe not the exact hue in terms of my peach pants, but it's a bit close to yellow orange.

Another detail I liked seeing was the scalloped edge of my blouse peeping from underneath the crescent of the cardigan. I'm not very good with words, but I can imagine a poem starting about now...

Alright, enough nonsense from me! It must be because it's the WEEKEND! Woohoo!

Blouse and pants from Topshop. Cardigan from Valleygirl. Peep-toe pumps from Nine West. Pearls from bazaar.
* Most of my outfit choices are founded on convenience -- whatever's lying around! Hihi. Not a lot of analysis, honestly :)

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