Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Color Blocking, Missing Spring

Needed to zip in and out of several meetings last Friday such that I was worried about tripping over skirts, wide-leg pants, or heels. Yep, I'm that accident-prone! So I settled on slim pants (garterized too -- my secret to comfort!), a light blouse that would keep me cool-headed in the warm, warm weather, and a cardigan to protect me from air-conditioning.

Whatever I grabbed for my outfit reminds me of the incomparable beauty that is found in nature. God's creation is simply stunning! It makes me wish I could be doing my forecasts and tabulations on the seashore instead of being cooped up in the office ;)

I weighed the brights down with some black necklaces, one of which is my mom's from the 1990's. It's my first time to wear this chunky, ethnic piece.

Okay, gotta go! Budget season is calling me...

Blouse from Hong Kong. Cardigan from Mango. Pants from Uniqlo. Long necklace from Topshop. 1990's choker, mom's.

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