Monday, October 17, 2011

Bones, Bones, Bones - Hong Kong, Day 3

On the last day of our trip*, I decided to go all out and have on the most vacation-y outfit I could. I donned my scalloped top (which would also be great at the beach), my ever faithful necklace, shorts, and reliable flats.

Lately, I've been very conscious about wearing sleeveless tops because I don't really want to show much... of my bones, that is. See here Exhibit A: scrawny legs. When I saw them in the mirror this morning, I realized I better start exercising to tone my muscles. Whatever little muscle I tone in a month, I lose in a week if I stop physical activity. Although it's a blessing to be slim, I'd very much appreciate if I could gain a little weight...

I had so much space left in my luggage that I went crazy buying fruits before we went back to the hotel for last-minute packing. See that person waving in the background? That's Dennis, by the way.

Gain Weight Program Exhibit B: collarbones. The lovelier to offset bib collars and neckline details.

Exhibits C and D: veiny arms and protruding hip bone.

Yep. What have we been doing all weekend?! Let's go pig out! :)

Blouse from Topshop. Shorts from Mango. Necklace and bracelet (mga walang kamatayan from Day 1) from 168 Mall. Flats from Giuseppe Zanotti. Bag from Longchamp.

* Why is it that vacations are always one day too short? ;p

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