Friday, October 21, 2011

Back to Basics - Beige and Black

I had several meetings last Tuesday: one with a supplier, another with Important People at the main office, and a lunch date with my former professor from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, so I wanted to look corporate chic. Did I achieve my vision?

Above photo with open cardigan. I know this isn't very fashion-forward (pertaining to my lunch date as target market), but I'd like to think it's classically stylish just the same.

I started off with a good canvas -- a basic black dress -- and dressed it up with a new funky necklace I showed in a previous post. I love how easy it is for chunky neckpieces to add instant oomph to an outfit. Then I chose a neutral-colored cardigan in a light fabric to conservatively hide my arms.

Near the end of the day, I realized the whole outfit would look better with the cardigan closed. Oops! I barely had time to throw things together and look in the mirror... A good finish is better than a good start, right? ;p

Happy happy Friday!!! :) What a productive, efficient week! Praise God!

Dress from Mango. Cardigan from Valleygirl. Necklace from Hong Kong. Shoes from Hong Kong.

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