Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

The funny thing with me and my outfits is that most times, I think of the day's theme after I've dressed (more like throw on stuff haphazardly) and headed out the door.

It was while driving to school today that I realized my outfit's colors are coincidentally apt for Halloween weekend, though I don't believe or practice in dressing up for it. To top it off, I just noticed I actually match the school building! Haha!

I think this is my first time on the blog to do monochromatic layering. It reminds me of the prim and proper cardigan sets so in vogue during the 90s. I remember my mom bought me a couple of those, but I only wore the black ones and refused to wear pastels. Ah, teenage rebellion.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fridays are for Stretching the Rules

The warm weather persists, so I threw on a lightweight blouse and a shorter-than-usual skirt for a day of meetings. I've worn this skirt to the office lots of times before, but usually with flats so as not to draw too much attention to myself, but oh well! I couldn't resist wearing my new heels.

The skirt is a bit loose at the waistband, so what's a girl to do to keep her blouse in place the whole day? Why, tuck it into boy-shorts! This also ensured no peeping accidents!

One more day until vacation! I've been on vacation mode since yesterday, but managed to still be productive. Amazing! :)

Blouse from Hong Kong. Skirt from Zara. Necklace from tiangge. Heels from VNC.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purples and Blues

Remember these?

My cream-colored heels, the only light-colored ones I have, broke down a few weeks ago, so this pair is a great alternative to a summer shoe! Yes, not only do I justify my spending prior to the purchase, I also do them repeatedly afterwards. It's nice to assure myself I made a good investment*. I prefer open-toed sandals to pumps because Philippine weather is so humid and I need to keep my feet ventilated**.

I made an unexpected combination with a batik-print cotton dress and a vintage find. I found the gold blouse half-priced at P90! What a steal!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Color Blocking, Missing Spring

Needed to zip in and out of several meetings last Friday such that I was worried about tripping over skirts, wide-leg pants, or heels. Yep, I'm that accident-prone! So I settled on slim pants (garterized too -- my secret to comfort!), a light blouse that would keep me cool-headed in the warm, warm weather, and a cardigan to protect me from air-conditioning.

Whatever I grabbed for my outfit reminds me of the incomparable beauty that is found in nature. God's creation is simply stunning! It makes me wish I could be doing my forecasts and tabulations on the seashore instead of being cooped up in the office ;)

Monday, October 24, 2011

One Dress, Two Ways

I'm back to my favorite print -- animal! -- a print that's usually associated with grandmas and aging aunts. Haha. Recently, it's been seen on younger crowds that make it look hip (or is that just wishful thinking on my part?) Last week though, I went all-out manang mode and accessorized with pearls and gold. Oh, and did I mention my dress has built-in shoulder pads?

After work, I changed my black flats to heels, chucked my bulky office bag for a slimmer clutch, and met Esel looking like this:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My New Babies -- Twins! (The Struggle That Accompanies Shoe-Shopping)

Oh, boy. There's nothing like shoes to make me salivate like Pavlov's dog. And when I see a good deal, I can't pass it up either! So what happens when I see a nice bargain on shoes?? I bring home more than what I had planned on buying. Oops. So much for sticking to my shopping list! And there I was, spending twenty minutes on the store couch, computing and analyzing and running down pros and cons of each decision, like the time I spent in my younger years on a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Yeah, right. My logical left brain was no match for my emotional right brain today ;p

Okay, on to the shoes that I spent all week thinking about! Tell me, which one would you have picked if you could only buy one?

Caution, readers: skip the next part if you don't want to read about my arduous decision-making process!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Color Wheel - Complement Me!

Yes, spelling-and-grammar-checkers, I'm perfectly aware of the difference in "compliment" and "complement" and know the usage in the title is wrong. Just using a play on words! Read on and you'll soon see why ;p

I've been wearing a lot of prints but lately, I've been going back to solid-colored pieces, sometimes accented with a printed piece. A few days ago, I finally went full-on with color blocking. I didn't really plan on the color scheme of this look; it just happened that morning I was getting dressed! And I do love surprises -- the good kind :)

Remember the color wheel we learned in art class? Art class, by the way, was my favorite subject of all time! I love drawing and painting and creating things with my hands... I even enjoyed carpentry class and felt a bit relaxed in sewing class, when everyone else was cursing the old-fashioned pedal machine and taking it apart to untangle thread. Haha.

Anyway! My outfit of the day consisted of complementary colors orange and blue. I started out with my peach pants because I wanted to wear something breezy without exposing my legs to mosquitoes (there are so many nowadays). I added a sky blue blouse, just because it was there*, then hesitated a bit before plunging into a risky choice of a dark orange cardigan. I tamed the look with pearls and my hair in a bun.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Back to Basics - Beige and Black

I had several meetings last Tuesday: one with a supplier, another with Important People at the main office, and a lunch date with my former professor from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, so I wanted to look corporate chic. Did I achieve my vision?

Above photo with open cardigan. I know this isn't very fashion-forward (pertaining to my lunch date as target market), but I'd like to think it's classically stylish just the same.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hard and Soft

I like combining pieces that might not seem the same "theme," e.g. sweet sheer ruffles, ferocious spots, ladylike satin sandals, and a chunky, studded bag.

I borrowed this dress from my good friend Annick -- it's perfect for Philippine weather as it's sheer and can be worn by itself or with a cover-up, which can change the whole look entirely. It was so warm that I chose this dress and brought an animal-print shawl for indoor air conditioning.

A mixed salad of ruffles, spots, and hardware.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh, The Effort...

After missing two weeks of school, I admit it was very difficult to get out of bed on a lovely Saturday and muster enough willpower to sit still and listen to a whole-day lecture.

If you know me well enough by now, you would know I love t-shirts. It's a great go-to piece , I still keep going back to them when I'm in the mood to just snuggle up in bed and sleep. Alas, I had to sleep with my eyes wide open today, and tried to keep myself awake by donning bright pops of color! Did it work? Hmmm... just don't ask me what we discussed today :)

Here I stand, against a backdrop of Ateneo's telltale brick walls.

I hardly wear white jeans -- accident-prone me would most likely spill coffee or flick spaghetti sauce on them -- but my mom handed these down to me a few days ago and I hadn't been able to put them away just yet. Clutter is so convenient! Haha! I actually started my outfit with the white jeans and built from there.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Playthings

A week after I came home from Hong Kong and more craziness that ensued, I finally got the chance to unpack my (few*) purchases. My nifty discoveries for the weekend: chunky necklaces!

Here in resin, chain, and ribbon...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bones, Bones, Bones - Hong Kong, Day 3

On the last day of our trip*, I decided to go all out and have on the most vacation-y outfit I could. I donned my scalloped top (which would also be great at the beach), my ever faithful necklace, shorts, and reliable flats.

Lately, I've been very conscious about wearing sleeveless tops because I don't really want to show much... of my bones, that is. See here Exhibit A: scrawny legs. When I saw them in the mirror this morning, I realized I better start exercising to tone my muscles. Whatever little muscle I tone in a month, I lose in a week if I stop physical activity. Although it's a blessing to be slim, I'd very much appreciate if I could gain a little weight...

I had so much space left in my luggage that I went crazy buying fruits before we went back to the hotel for last-minute packing. See that person waving in the background? That's Dennis, by the way.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Late-Night Dressing

Have you ever had dinner at 9:30, finished two hours later, and still have energy (and room) for dessert? We have.

Dennis, Char, and I were so exhausted the second day of our Hong Kong trip, we decided to take a little naptime before dinner. After a lot of rubbing shoulders with the Saturday crowd in H&M, we went to the hotel to get some much-needed rest. I know... so very senior of us! Haha.

Well, some of us napped and some of us just rested, but we were definitely recharged. Here I am, bright and sunny at 9 pm for dinner! I layered two dresses; the one underneath fit me like a glove and I didn't want to expose my bones body parts, so I put on a floaty dress on top of it. I borrowed Char's quilted black bag.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hong Kong, Day 2

If I thought I probably won't wear shorts during travel, imagine my thoughts on wearing a dress! I've always admired and gotten a little envious of women all dressed up at the airport, with hair and make-up in place, and walking so elegantly in heels and I wonder -- how do they do it? How do they lift their baggage on the check-in platform? Who picks up their luggage at the carousel? Don't their feet hurt after walking hundreds of meters down airport terminals? Haha... some very practical questions, right?

As I packed for our trip days before, I decided to make a go for it  -- a dress, I mean, for Day 2. It's comfy, breezy, and wrinkle-free. And I've got shorts underneath so I can still move about in my usual ungainly way and not worry about exposing anything. Haha. Here I am enjoying a lovely dimsum breakfast with my friends before we head out for the day.

With tummies stuffed and minds relieved of stress, we set out for more shopping and eating. Vacations are soooo fun! I pulled out my newly purchased bag -- I couldn't wait to use it! -- and slung it over one shoulder. I had a hard time choosing between this coral color and a green one...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Vacay Mode - Hong Kong, Day 1

It's surprisingly refreshing to come home and chill after a chaotic yet productive week of work, just as it was for me coming back from a sublime vacation weekend in Hong Kong. The past two days' business planning has me physically exhausted but psychologically recharged, which I totally didn't expect! I feel like I'm on vacation now as I type away, knowing there are still so many things to do until the end of the year but everything will fall into place as it always does. Praise God for His faithfulness.

To introduce the weekend, I'm posting what I wore on the first day of my weekend last week, which started on a Friday. I love weekends that start on Friday! Oh, bliss! Can you tell how happy I was that sleep-deprived morning?

Traveling in shorts was never my thing until just a year ago, as I've always found airports and planes to be too cold for me... and on this trip, it proved to be true. My legs were freezing ever since I buckled in on our 5:40 am flight. And since we were on a low-cost air carrier, I didn't bother to ask for a blanket... Good thing I had at least my cardigan to keep out some of the cold.

A note on this cardigan, which is another winner from my mom. Yayyyyyy :) It wasn't expensive, but it's so perfect. I love the color, which I can't name -- would you call this champagne? The draping when it's worn. The softness. The length. The ten different ways I can wear it... (I'm pretty sure I'll wear it some other way soon.)

For this day, my cardigan dressed up a very plain outfit -- a basic tee and shorts -- that I would have otherwise worn to the beach*. I settled on something that I could easily change in and out of because Day 1 = shopping day.

You can see I'm trying REALLY hard not to break into a big, goofy grin here... but I was just sooooo happy to be on vacation. Also, I was excited about the day ahead, which contained shopping, eating, and a massage.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sneak Peek - Spade from Ready for Rain

I've been so busy ever since I came back from HK this weekend that I haven't even posted my outfits from the trip yet. I had a really good time on my three-day vacation! I'll tell you more about it in the next few days... :)

Well, I came back to lots of emails but the most daunting task that I'm facing now is preparing for our business planning this week. In the middle of swimming in data and charts and directions, I took a happy break last night by looking at the edited photos from the Ready for Rain shoot I styled two weekends ago. Here's a sneak peek at one of my favorite looks:

Janeena is wearing Spade, a preppy striped boot with forest-green trim. When I first saw this boot, I had flashbacks to my first two years in college where I'd wear my uniform t-shirt and jeans. Very, very basic and one-of-the-boys. The inspiration for dressing this boot came from imagining what I'd do differently if I let go of my inhibitions... so I chose a flirty floral dress* to offset the boyish stripes and amped it up with a printed brown and gold necklace. Then I stacked her wrists with chain accessories and finished the look off with a conservative cardigan.

She is so pretty! I'm so glad I got to work with Janeena and the other gorgeous, gorgeous models.

Okay... this was a good, happy break :) Now I'm back to work!

* My frustration when seeing the astounding effect of the dress on Janeena (because it looked nothing like this on me) gave way to pride in having her look this good... which is what a good stylist should be able to do :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Red, black, and white

I was literally digging around some boxes last night, looking for more shirts I wanted to pack for Hong Kong. Lookie what I found -- a bangle!

I couldn't find the other bangles that are supposedly packed along with it. I can't wait until I have all my boxes unpacked so I can find stuff when I need them. It'll be a few more months though... Until then, better make the most out of what I have on hand, which is still a lot! :)

Cardigan from Bossini. Bangle from tiangge.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My First (Official) Styling Project...

I'm totally exhausted but exhilarated and ecstatic!

I praise God for this awesome opportunity to style my first photo shoot for Ready for Rain today. I've shopped and styled for friends and family before, but this was a shoot for a real business, so I felt challenged about the project. It's also not high fashion, but that’s what I like about it – dressing people up for their everyday lives. And despite the “ordinary-ness” of the clothes, I was excited putting them together in a fresh way.

I’m soooo happy right now. My eyes are falling shut but I’m still on a high. Driving home, I began thinking when the last time was that I was this tired and this happy, and that was preparing for our European competition tour in Glee Club. This is me at 9 pm. I was on such an adrenaline high after the shoot that Esel couldn't believe it!

Let me just say how GLAD I am that technology does not yet allow scent to be captured in photos... because after the day we had (five hours of working with no electricity in hot, humid weather), hmmm I don't even want to be with myself. Haha! Good thing there's make-up to distract the general public! Notice I'm wearing red lipstick? After the shoot, the lovely Bambi asked me if I wanted to go red. I probably was so high on happy hormones that I said yes! It makes me feel bold, confident, when I'd usually feel a little self-conscious. It has a tendency to make me look masungit or unapproachable, so I have to remind myself to smile. What about you? What are your thoughts on red lipstick? :)

ANYWAY, enough about me! I can't emphasize enough -- praise God who is faithful and makes all things fall into the right place! Let me tell you all about my day...

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