Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Write it down!

Have you ever written down something you wanted and it came true? That's the power of the written word! A few months before, I set out to become a more disciplined, more self-controlled version of me, in terms of shopping. So I wrote a list of what I should STOP buying, and first on the list was shorts  and crochet tops (I'll save another post for this topic), and a list of what I should look out for, since I end up buying the same things and getting soooo bored by my closet.

Upon realizing I have very basic colors and silhouettes in my shoe rack, I put down "gemstone sandals" -- whether heels or flats -- on my To Buy list to spruce up my footwear choices.

And looky what I got ON SALE in Hong Kong! :) Ta-daaaaaa!!!

Steve Madden flat sandals in a perfect shade between tan and brown, with gemstones! Love, love, love! Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Just looking at them now contents me like a relaxing chilled mocha drink :)

Okay, I'll come clean. I stepped into Steve Madden for a different purpose -- to find formal shoes with a stacked heel for a garden wedding I'll be attending in January. But nooooo, just like most other women, I'll *sometimes* aim to buy one thing and come out of the store with another. I can already hear my dad reminding me "objective!!!" Uhm, yes dad. The gemstone sandals are on my list! Promise! I can show you my notes, see?

I haven't found the bridesmaid shoes yet, not one I can afford anyway. I tried on a Miu Miu patent peep-toe pump in nude, and the reasons to buy them just popped out of my head one by one, in orderly fashion:
  1) They fit so well, and so comfy! They're not too high so I can wear them for most of the day.
  2) They had a stable heel.
  3) And... they go with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

I almost bought them but remembered to look at the price tag, tell myself not to run out the store wearing them, and give them back to the nice salesman.

They weren't on the list anyway ;p

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