Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wednesday Addams

As I was getting dressed today, my only objective was to keep warm and dry while Typhoon Pedring roared outside. I didn't want to get stuck in the office with soaked trousers and soggy feet, so I put on my wet-day armor -- black tights and patent pumps.

I like the matte + gleam pairing of both pieces. Black is so versatile! These are also my favorite, most comfortable pair of tights ever! I bought them in a crazy, crowded market in Shanghai when our family went earlier this April. The great thing about them, compared to locally made tights, are that they actually keep me warm and they're long enough -- no pulling on my feet or hanging down my crotch for cramped toes and weird posture*!

Then I put on a black tank top to keep warm, and a light, comfortable dress layered over it. Easy breezy!

I bought this dress a few years back in Hong Kong and loved the snaps running down the lower half. I can actually play with this element, making the dress shorter, bunched up, and all crazy. Today, however, I let it just hang loose.

My outfit looked incomplete without a little bling. I decided to button up my dress and wear this bib necklace as a collar / choker of sorts. 

Ta-da! Say hello to Wednesday Addams -- the very picture of dread and disaster that went on outdoors.

Management decided to let us out a little earlier today at 4 pm. I overstayed a little to finish my work in peace and quiet, then changed into rubber boots I kept in the storage room just for days like these.

These Tote rubber boots are actually my aunt's. She bought them for use while visiting typhoon-victimized areas and lent them to me while she's not using them. I guess I have to give them back this week...

Because I have skinny legs, I appreciate the buckle detail which is actually functional, unlike other footwear with "fake" straps and buckles.

Stepping out in the rain now! Stay safe, everyone!

Dress from Hong Kong. Tights from China. Necklace from 168 Mall. Pumps from Roger Vivier. Rubber boots from Totes.

* Just another inconvenience of being a girl... Haha! With the right pair of tights, it can be fun! And probably even more comfortable than wearing pants!

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