Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Bells!

Not mine, helloooooo! Attended a wedding this afternoon in St. James Alabang. The weather was perfect! It was a bit warm and humid when we arrived around 2:30, but it later let up to a beautifully breezy afternoon.

On to the outfit photos, courtesy of my friend Mhiles, who had her SLR with her. Yay! Finally, some nice quality photos on my blog.

Not to trivialize God, but I'm also grateful to Him who brought a lovely breeze, without which this photo wouldn't be the same :)

My mom bought me this nude dress and it amazes me how well it fits, considering I wasn't with her when she got it, and it's not one of those sack-like dresses that I just slip on (and love). This is one of the things I'd wear but not buy. I'm so blessed to have a mom who shops for me :) Believe me, between both our purchases, we need a new walk-in closet... but then we'd never stop shopping! 

Worn here with simple drop earrings, combed hair (haha!) and very light make-up. I'm not particularly a fan of this sleeveless side of the dress, but it helps make the entire dress give a statement when viewed as a whole.

Silver clutch and gold shoes? It can be done!

But only because I didn't have silver shoes or a gold clutch. Hahaha! Necessity is the mother of invention and many a fashion trend (or faux pas? I hope not!) ;)

Here with Mhiles, who looked stunning in black with sheer panels. I'm sooooo happy with our photos, I wanted to take her home with me and have her take my outfit photos everyday! I know, I know... I really should take out my SLR and buy a tripod and remote control.

Aside from the great photos, I was so blessed by the short time I was able to catch up with her, Kat, and say hi to the bride and groom.

L-R: Kat, me, Mhiles, and the lovely couple Sarah & Jet
Can't wait to see them again a few weeks later after the couple's honeymoon!

Dress from Hong Kong. Heels from CMG. Clutch from Rustans.


  1. Loooove your outfit! You look so pretty (as usual). And those earrings are to die for! :)


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