Saturday, September 10, 2011

Waiting for the School Bus...

Nah, not really. I'm waiting for my cousin to pick me up for school! But I've always wondered how it would be to be part of the school bus/shuttle service. Growing up, I did have a carpool with my cousins, and it's brought us much closer with each other, not to mention taught us all patience and understanding.

This morning, I wanted to relive my early college days, way before I had any semblance of girly-ness and took to wearing skirts and dresses outside formal occasions. My first two years right out of an exclusive high school, I lived in round-neck tshirts from Mango (I had one in every color imaginable), blue jeans, and three pairs of sneakers, one of which was red. It was pretty easy to dress myself then.

If I were about to enter freshman year this year, I would probably wear something like this outfit composed of a basic tee (now much more embellished and a bit kikay factor but not too much), blue jeans, white sneakers, and the ubiquitous pop of red.

I didn't have any embellishments on my clothing back then. I enjoy the sight and feel of these details -- the satin and grossgrain ribbons stitched inside and on the placket, the gold hand-sewn stitches, mismatched antique finish buttons, the cut-out and beaded emblem... There's so much work involved in this shirt!

Back in college, my definition of dressing up meant putting on dangling earrings, which I most probably got at a bargain in 168 Mall. That place is accessory heaven! Here, these earrings complement the gold hardware on my shirt.

There's nothing that says casual like rolled-up jeans and white All-Star sneakers. I'm so glad Chucks came out with this thin-sole style, which I find more feminine than their original design. I have yet to wear this pair with a skirt though.

Here's my basic colors of red, blue, and white. Of course, I wouldn't be ready for school without the huge bag (whereas my more feminine classmates could survive on a clutch bag -- how do they do that???) to lug my water bottle, books, notebook, readings, pencil case, toiletry kit, etc. etc. I could probably pack my whole room in my bag and I still wouldn't be done...

Sweetie Scott waited with me at the gate... I know, he was just sniffing around to see if I had any treats to share with him. Sorry to disappoint, hunny.

Well, what do you think? What was YOUR "school uniform"? :)

Shirt from RL Jeans. Jeans from Uniqlo. Sneakers from Converse. Bag from Topshop.

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