Friday, September 30, 2011

Spots, Multiplied

I was so excited and so honored when Esel asked me to style her photoshoot scheduled tomorrow. The shoot is for her new boots for Ready for Rain. I racked my brain for a theme the past two days, and with an initial mix of print-on-print and color blocking, I have finally decided on what got me more excited -- prints. It helps that I've amassed a few prints in my closet to spread out on a few looks. I also raided Esel's closet yesterday for more loot! Hihi.

Today, I tested a print mix on myself with an animal print blouse and a spotted kimono blouse.

At the risk of being judged, I attempted a beauty queen pose (haha!) to show off the kimono sleeves, which make this cover-up soooo comfortable. It's great for humid days such that I still get enough coverage and breathing room at the same time.

I went an extra step on the visual cornucopia with a black-and-silver necklace I've had since my high school days*. Wow, the quality back then was really great! I don't really expect more than a few wears on H&M and F21 accessories nowadays...

Halfway through the day, I noticed I had two bows on my outfit! Spot it here...

And here... Talk about lots of details!

On days like these, I'm awed at how my style has been constantly evolving. Flashbacks of ultra-minimalist college day outfits composed of a single-colored round-neck shirt, unadorned jeans, and finished off with sneakers still amuse me. I'm very, very grateful for the opportunities afforded to me that has helped me grow sartorially and otherwise:
    - my introduction to ukay-ukay and challenging myself to wear adventurous trends and cuts
    - my mom who still shops for me, even though I tell her not to
    - and cheap, frequent trips to HK**

Although I'd love to go visit exotic places like Morocco, India, Turkey (and do lots of shopping there), today, I'm just really very thankful for what I have. I am content :)

Sleeveless top from Valleygirl. Kimono blouse from H&M. Pants from Uniqlo. Sandals from VNC. Necklace, gifted by a friend.

* Don't ask; I'm too lazy and embarrassed to compute ;p Let's just say it's been a looooong time.
** Which I'll be off to again next week! I can't wait!!!

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