Sunday, September 4, 2011

Seeing Spots

After an exhilarating week, I was ready to collapse on my bed when I got home from an overnight class yesterday afternoon! But nooooooo, not just yet... I picked myself up, changed into shorts and a shirt, and headed over to help with a bazaar in an attempt to get rid of my closet overflow. Then headed back home,   put on -- oooh, looky what the maid misplaced in my rack! -- my mom's blouse. Heehee.

"Something misplaced" always manages to brighten up my day just as "something new" does! :)

Listened to the ethereal Ateneo College Glee Club, back from their successful Europe tour, and caught up with these familiar faces that always feel like home. It seemed like almost yesterday when we were together on our European tour. It's been five years, I can't believe it!

After all the frenzy I had this week, I was seeing spots. And they actually manifested in our choice of wear. Great minds think alike!

myself, Glacey, and Cas in Cas' favorite print -- dots!
The night was filled with so much love, it was worth the effort to go out. Must make a constant effort to fight hermit mode :)

Blouse from Hong Kong.

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