Friday, September 9, 2011

Punchy Pink

Packed a punchy cocktail mix today with this "vintage" skirt I haven't worn in a year!

The great thing about ukay is that you never know what to expect. Over the years, it has made me a lot more adventurous in terms of color, shape, genre, you name it! My pre-ukay closet probably consisted of blahhh Giordano and Mango t-shirts, a bunch of black tops, and blue jeans. I know. Can't imagine, right?

These days, I can't get enough of color and prints!

I'd usually pair this colorful skirt with a more subdued shirt, but I thought, why not match it with a salmon-colored blouse? I picked it from one of the vibrant hues from the watercolor print below.

This dash of yellow and purple reminds me of the sunflower paintings I used to draw way back in college. I wonder where those are. And I wonder if my fingers still hold that magic... After my room renovation, I will clear my desk, loosen these joints, and see if I still have it! :)

Blouse from Chicabooti. Skirt from ukay-ukay. Sandals from Nine West.

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