Saturday, September 24, 2011


I couldn't think of a better title, but when I think color + stripes, that's what comes to my mind.

I attended another reunion last Saturday, and instead of going for one of my play-it-safe black dresses, I happily put this on. Such happy colors made me, a strong introvert, a little more confident as I navigated through the night with not-so-familiar faces.

This dress is another gem I found using my "shopping list" I talked about in this post. Following my Stop Buying list as a guide, I said no to all the black dresses and sack dresses the shop girls in HK offered me (though I can't say I wasn't tempted!) and when I spotted this on the rack, my mind screamed Yeeeeees!!!, and all the pieces I eliminated made sense. Had I said yes to anything and everything prior to this, I wouldn't have had the guts -- nor any money left hehe -- to try this colorful, stripey creation on.

Two things I about this dress that made me say MINE!:
1) The mix of panels of green, yellow, and blue crepe with white and black grossgrain ribbon. Who knew they could belong on one single dress? There's definitely nothing in my current closet that's similar to it.
2) You know how horizontal stripes can make one look fat? Although I'm far from heavy, I'm not exactly curvy, so there's a risk of looking flat and shapeless whenever I wear stripes. The blue triangular panel down the side was a pleasant surprise, interrupting the lines that would otherwise make me look rounder.

Curious what the whole thing looks like? :)

Here with my D-group leader, Maybelline. She always looks so polished!

Grounded my colorful dress with black satin-and-linen slingback heels, and a grossgrain black bag (not seen in photo).

Every time I see this dress hanging on the clothes rack, I remember a valuable lesson: saying no is just as important (or in some cases, even more important than) saying yes :)

Dress from Hong Kong. Heels from Charles & Keith. (Invisible) Bag from Nina Ricci -- I didn't get to take a photo of it!
Photos by Ivan Tan.

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