Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Outfits That Didn't Make It my HK trip, that is.

Here's a quick look at some of the clothes I tried on but didn't make it to the suitcase. As mentioned in my post the other day, I like trying on several outfits while packing. It makes for a messy room, but a more organized and well-planned trip in terms of outfits!

Here's the first one I mixed and matched.

I got a little nauseous, and I'm sure you can understand why. Can you say color-blocking overload? :D

At least the coral shorts made it! See it worn here.

Then I pulled out another pair of shorts, this time in white! Am I obsessed with white shorts? You bet. This is only one out of I think five* I have in my closet. I matched them here with a breezy beaded blouse and skinny white patent belt...

Then tried to liven it up with a zebra-print hair belt. It didn't really excite me...

So I put on another blue top... Brace yourself for a goofy grin this time!

This high-necked navy blouse was light and sheer enough to wear for humid HK AND provided enough coverage for the sudden blasts of cold air conditioning in the malls. Practicality won over; the buttons running down the front of the blouse would make it very difficult for me to change in and out of, wasting precious shopping time!

Spoken like a professional shopper? I prefer the term efficient resource manager ;)

* In my defense, they're all in different lengths!

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