Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A New Shape

I have a penchant for loose flowy blouses and I immediately fell in love with this one on the rack. Despite layering a tank top underneath, five minutes after I put it on the blouse, I start to shiver -- this weather is so weird, honestly! -- so instead of digging around for one of my countless cardigans, all of which are in a suitcase somewhere, I reach for my blazer on the clothes rack and saw this! This black Banana Republic shell I bought and last wore in San Francisco, also a land of weird weather.

The coat totally changed the look I was aiming for but I kinda like it!

Wouldn't this outfit be totally amazing with a very fitted tailored jacket nipped at the waist and sky-high pumps? :) Well, a girl's still got to be practical and be able to walk around the office...

...so I'll settle for what I have :) Matched my barely-pink blouse with a slightly darker lipstick with a shade of purple...

...and lime green earrings I've been waiting to take out of my jewelry box.

Here's a closer look at the unexpected mix of blah -- black, boring, structural -- and fairytale -- pink, diaphanous, asymmetrical.

If there's one good thing about living out of boxes and clothes racks, it's that I can't find the usual comfort items I put on. Here's to more surprising looks in the days, weeks, months ahead! It looks like I'll be out of my room for awhile...

P.S. I'll definitely give this blouse a proper blog post on its own. I can't wait to show it to you! :)

Blouse from Hong Kong. Coat from Banana Republic. Pants from Uniqlo. Earrings from 168 Mall. Pumps from Staccato. 

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