Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Field Work, Day 1

I found out only on Monday that I was going out of town for work on Wednesday and Thursday. Usually, I wouldn't be bothered by such short notice, but I panicked more than usual since we were in the middle of packing everything from my room into boxes. Since finding stuff among the mess was my expertise, I had little trouble picking comfortable, lightweight, breathable clothing that hopefully, was also wrinkle-free.

The polo wasn't wrinkle-free but I hoped I'd sit still enough for five hours in the car such that I'd still look presentable when I met our distributor.

My happy fashion piece of the day: a skinny gray genuine leather belt I purchased* in Shanghai last April.

twice-wrap-around belt from China
Although everyone some people thought I went overboard with the belt-shopping, I did not regret buying any of them, especially as I saw them 3x the price when I went window-shopping in an upscale store in Makati. YES. I saw the exact same ones!

pants from H&M, abused gray flats from Bershka
What would be a productive visit to the province without some store checks? I went prepared in my now-abused gray flats from Bershka.

By 5 pm, I was shivering from the cold**, so I layered on a brown ribbed cardigan with grandpa buttons.

Tomorrow: same belt, similar outfit!

Blouse from Bossini. Cardigan from Uniqlo. Pants from H&M. Flats from Bershka. Belt from Shanghai.

* Oh, along with fifteen other belts. Belts can change an entire outfit, you know. So I'm actually saving money because I get to do more with my clothes... :D
** It was just around 23 degrees out, but I'm a sissy that way.

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