Saturday, September 17, 2011


Given the warm weather we've been having the past week, I looked for an oh-so-breezy blouse that would not make me sweat buckets. Dri-fit for the fashionista, if you must.

And since my move to the guest room has my "closet" looking like this: 

...I might as well make the most out of it and shop in my mom's closet! Hahaha! Anyway, I did pick this blouse for her (so I could borrow it, of course!)

This is my first splurge on a statement necklace. I had second, third, fourth thoughts about buying it since it's technically made out of plastic, but I knew I had to get it when I started imagining several outfits it would spruce up on many a summer (or humid) day.

For today's photo, I decided to make a backdrop of the plastic curtain that's taken over the whole second floor of our house and the newspaper-lined stairway.

Off to the book fair I go! Wheeeeee! It's so great today's sem break coincided with the weekend of the annual book fair at SMX. Ten Saturday classes to go and then it's Christmastime. Time flies by soooooo fast. Whoa.

Blouse from Hong Kong. Shorts from Zara (I'm a shorts girl!). Flats from Giuseppe Zanotti. Necklace from Hong Kong. Bag from Prada.


  1. I LOOOOVE your book fair outfit! Where'd u get the necklace?:) I went to the book fair nung Friday, sayang we didn't see each other there! -Daryl :)

  2. Thanks dear! :) Got the necklace in HK too. Super love the book fair! I'm glad we got to visit this year :)


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