Sunday, September 11, 2011

Casual Sunday

Physically drained from last night's "socializing"* and pressured by my mom to attend the early Sunday service this morning, I whipped out the following lazy items from my closet:

     - striped tee from Zara (better paired with shorts against a backdrop of the sea)
     - thrifted beaded metallic cardigan, my "dress-up" element for the day
     - dark jeans
     - brogues from Tonic

Also had two cute accessories today. Meet Pogi and Scott, our mixed breed* dogs. I decided to include them in today's photos seeing they complemented my color scheme so well! ;)

I swooped down on this cardigan at a thrift shop. It's been two years since and I still love wearing it. The gold thread, the beads, the crochet... It's airy enough but not too warm for humid Manila and Hong Kong. The perfect cover-up!

Pogi and Scott are such sweet dogs...

They hung around for the whole photo session!

Usually I wear a skirt or dress on Sundays, but I reasoned out with myself that beads are now a form of dressing up. I couldn't fool myself. At the back of my mind, there's still my mom's voice telling me Sundays are for dressing up. Can't argue with that :)

* From a hermit, it simply means talking to ten acquaintances and three new people. Haha!
** Or simply put, askals or asong kalye.

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