Friday, September 16, 2011


Although I wanted to really dress down for Casual Friday, I had a meeting with the big boss so I opted for my mom's blouse to pair with dark jeans. I kept the blouse and accessories to the same color palette.

Wow, this belt has been with me for at least five years now! Worn here as a necklace, it makes me a bit self-conscious every time I walk because it jingles. This would probably make a good accessory for belly dancing.

The thing I like about this blouse is its punchy color that's neither pink nor orange, not quite coral either. It's akin to the gorgeous bougainvillea that grows outside my uncle's home, a hue that's a bit warm and cool at the same time (does that make sense?) Another is the sleeve -- it's the perfect combination of sleeveless-so-it's-not-warm while hiding-my-underarms. My dream blouse! Too bad this kind of sleeve isn't very flattering on flabby/untoned arms, despite me being skinny. Boo.

Now, where are those dumbbells packed away? Let's do some tricep curls...

Blouse from Hong Kong. Necklace from Australia. Jeans from Uniqlo. Brogues from Tonic.

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