Friday, September 2, 2011

All Out, Jill-Style

Last week, in celebration of my 27th birthday, I decided to go against my usual grandma-hermit-anti-social mode and do the complete opposite of what I'd usually do. Three rule-busters:

1) Had birthday drinks (which started past 8!!!) instead of a birthday lunch, which was more along my regular waking hours ;p

2) Bravely bared my shoulders and legs in my current favorite -- animal print! -- which I've heard from friends who were girlfriends and wives, guys really dislike because for some reason, it reminds them of their moms. Hrmmm. So although I *almost* showed up in ever-comfortable leggings*, I, thankfully being single and unattached, thought this was a great reason to choose this dress and celebrate and live it up in animal print! :)


3) Stayed out until midnight. On a Thursday. 'nuff said.

dress from Hong Kong, shoes from Charles & Keith
It's obvious I have a post-drinks blush... after barely two mojitos. Haha. Good night, everyone.

Dress from Hong Kong. Heels from Charles&Keith.
* Good thing I couldn't find my leggings... they've been lost for 2 months. Eeep. Less comfort dressing for now!

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