Friday, August 19, 2011

Work and Shop

From today's title, you might be wondering if I'm working AT ALL. Well, today being Quezon City day, (a holiday ignored by our company although managers are allowed to take a leave,) I made a compromise between conscience and burn-out -- I went in for some meetings and a bit of work then took the afternoon off for some window shopping!

pink ring from Firma, silver shirt from Topshop, purple cardi from Hongkong
Nothing too formal as today's Friday! Yippee! :)

Today's outfit was built around these snowflake-inspired earrings I've been wanting to show off since last week. I bought them along with a couple of others, because I went nuts buying wholesale, as my friend Esel puts it. I must admit it's pretty hard to stop when everything's cheaper when you buy more!

earrings from 168 mall
Since my shirt was pretty fitted, I layered a light cardigan in a vibrant hue for the office.

After lunch at home, I decided to "dress-up" for the mall by slapping on some lipstick and my crystal bib necklace. I also chucked my cardigan.

Unlike last week's market madness, I was very self-disciplined today as I walked around Greenbelt. The trip's objective was to window-shop for my cousin's husband who asked me to help improve his wardrobe. I'll post some pegs soon!

Happy weekeeeeeeeeend!!! :)

Striped shirt from Topshop. Pants from Uniqlo. Necklace from 168 Mall. Ring from Firma. Flats from Giuseppe Zanotti. Bag from Prada.

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