Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Style Profile: Sharon

God is soooo good! I wasn't able to take a full shot of my look today, and I was wondering what to post. I still didn't have a clue and went to our usual Tuesday D-group tonight. Then along came style star Sharon, who was so chic as usual! :) Here's a peek at what she wore tonight.

She says she just dug up an old belt to complete her outfit.

The thing that I like about Sharon's style is her casual-yet-polished look. She always looks good, without a hair out of place, and makes it seem so effortless! I wish I could do that! 

Her red top is borrowed from her sister, who doesn't know it's missing! Shhhhh ;p 

bag, also from SM

Did you think she was wearing a skirt? It's not! They're culottes from SM! Cute, right? And so breezy! Haha! Here I go again yearning for breezy, comfy, functional clothing! ;)

CMG wedges, bought on sale!
Along with her bohemian necklace and chain bag, Sharon jazzed up an otherwise plain look with strappy metallic wedges.

The part that I think best makes Sharon a style star is her brilliant smile! She never fails to light up a room (and many a TV) because of her confidence and positive energy. I'm looking forward to seeing her more often! Aren't you? :)

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