Saturday, August 6, 2011

So Basic

Here I go again with my very comfortable tops! Love, love, love this long-sleeved shirt my mom brought back for me from Australia.

pocket detail
I can sleep and live in it for weeks! It makes me want to hug myself! It's so soft! :)

On the days I feel tired, I grab the most comfortable thing to put on and see where the outfit goes from there. This morning, I put these on and I'm ready to go back to sleep! ;p

the core ingredients: Dotti shirt and Uniqlo jeans
So, how do I keep from looking as if I went to school in my pajamas? Luckily, I spotted this jacket on my rack, just waiting to be worn! I haven't used it in years and took it out of my closet a few weeks ago to remind myself to rotate my wardrobe*.
Topshop ring, Valleygirl jacket
Grabbed an indigo-colored ring my cousin gave me and paired it with my good old dusty rose heels. Ta-da!

I would've looked a lot different had I worn my gray flats**, right? It's not so obvious in the photo***, but I really liked all the colors together -- reminded me of Skittles Wildberries.

What's your go-to lazy outfit?

* One of the many benefits of cleaning my closet! I remember I have more clothes than what I usually gravitate to.
** Again, I fought the urge to be lazy. Heels are an instant outfit upgrade!
*** I failed to get a close-up shot. I'll try to have better photos soon, I promise. :)

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