Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Dress, Two Ways

One of my favorite parts about dressing is wearing one piece several ways. Today's main piece is a floral maxi-dress my mom bought for me years ago but I've only worn now, hence the Something new tag. I almost got rid of this in a clothes sale but luckily, my friend stopped me and said it looks cute. Sometimes, a piece just needs to grow on me :)

Wore both outfits with these tan sandals from Nine West (my absolute faaaaavorite shoe store). 

Look No. 1: The newest piece would probably be my shoes! Everything else dates back to at least 4-5 years ago :)

It can get pretty cold in church service, so I layered my summer dress with an acid yellow bomber jacket from Hong Kong. It was such a cheap find and my first "unsafe" jacket... considering I've only had cardigans as cover-ups at the time.

pockets add volume to areas where it's needed! hahaha!

Also dug out a cute bag circa 2006, bought with my dear friend Abby when we were in Amsterdam together. We bought matching bags*; hers was a lovely shade of mint green, I think. My Topshop ring makes an appearance once more!

I kept everything else in shades of blue so my jacket would stand out.

The floral pattern and these strappy sandals make me feel quite dainty. Call me strange, but seeing these gold studs just make me so happy every time.

Look No. 2: It was quite humid in the late afternoon before we stepped out for dinner, so I topped the dress with a soft t-shirt instead of the jacket. This is an easy way to create a waist -- just pull the shirt to one side, and knot!

Flower power!

This is a more casual, laid back look. It could probably work for the beach too. Ahhhhh, the beach!

There's a lot more ways to wear this dress, I'm sure. I can't believe I actually considered giving it away :p There we go! Still have plenty to wear :)

* At that time, we bought matching everything! Polka dot shoes, velvet skirts, tweed bags, etc. And we wore them at the same time, leading people to call us twins ;p

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