Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh, Sand and the Sea, I Miss Thee

It's been a few months since I've last been to the beach, and just the sight of it melts all my worries and stress away. The ocean is the calmest, most peaceful place I know, and I wanted to bring those elements to influence my aura today. Hmmmmm... feel better already :)

Topshop tank, Temt cardigan, my mother's pearls
My purchase of this Topshop tank* came quite unexpectedly as I haven't worn this shade since we were required to back in college; Marian blue and khakis was one of our color-combination uniforms for some of the Glee Club's singing engagements, and I swore it off afterwards. I must admit, the blue grew on me. Love how it's not too dark nor too bright.

I expected to lift a few cartons of samples in the morning, so I chose something light and breezy -- how I was so tempted to wear a shirt and jeans -- but I had to look a bit presentable, just in case I came across a parent rep... which meant slacks!

harem pants with wrap-around straps
I know this pant cut is so 2010, but I only warmed up to them early this year. I was even having second thoughts about trying these on, but there's something about shopping abroad that makes me more adventurous. Don't you love surprising yourself once in awhile? :)

The weather was glorious today! Perfect! I wholeheartedly believe God has been coinciding the past few weeks' weather to match my rash condition**! The spots on my arms are hardly noticeable now. Pretty soon, I'll be able to wear shorter sleeves :) And dare I hope in a month's time -- shorts?

* On sale! Yay!
** How egotistic, right? I give thanks for whatever He plans -- whether it pertains to weather, my skin, or circumstance.

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