Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mad for Plaid

Guess who showed up at work today wearing this plaid shirt?

Just me! :) Some days, I just want to throw on a guy's shirt so I can literally roll up my sleeves and get to work! I know, I have a flair for drama.

Although I'm not one to splurge, I'm really particular with quality. You could say I'm hard to please. That's why I was impressed with this Chinese brand because the plaid lined up perfectly at the placket and where the armholes meet the sleeves.

shirt from Yishion Active
leggings from Hongkong

Okay, so I don't know any straight guy who'd wear this shirt with leggings, nor with these platform heels, which are so light and comfy!

heels from Rusty Lopez
Played off the silver-rimmed buttons with geometrical silver earrings. Really now, would a straight guy notice these details? (I can hear some manly grunts over there.) Haha...

Well, as long as I'm free to cross-dress every now and then (and accessorize with all things girly), I'm happy! Too bad I can't raid my dad's closet ;p

Happy Thursday!

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