Monday, August 1, 2011

Leg Room

Embracing the colors of the earth today...

olive green Mango knit, Topshop belt, Topshop pants
Normally, I'd wear this top with something more safe, like black.

I see a similar color palette going on at breakfast, which makes me feel happy, healthy, and vibrant!

veggie-fruit juice and papaya
I did more than my usual preparations the previous night for today's outfit. I patiently and repeatedly steamed my pants myself* when I should have been getting ready for bed... I'm so impatient, right? I couldn't even wait another day to wear my gorgeous new pants! I love that I can't tell what color they are -- peach or tan. Crayola, can you please help me out?

I already had several outfits in mind to pair with these pants, and here's outfit # 1.

Wore amethyst earrings to subtly complement the existing color palette.

I now feel like I under-accessorized. Maybe some layered chains? I'm still looking for the perfect bib necklace. Oh well! More to come with these trousers. Stay tuned ;)

* One small step towards domestication, borne out of vanity! Yay! Hahaha...

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