Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It doesn't feel like I'm in Manila today...

It was 24 degrees when I woke up today, and being thin-skinned, I opted for a long-sleeved black turtleneck. I know people will find it weird (especially as some of my colleagues came in t-shirts today), but I felt really cold the whole day!

Topshop necklace from my cousin Erika

I layered pattern onto geometric pattern with a linear print skirt and curvy brown belt.

mom's hand-me-down Mango skirt
belt from Australia
It was so dark when I got dressed this morning that I thought my tights were brown... and I told myself I can probably get away with pairing them with black shoes. Black and brown, after all, made up my color palette for the day. I got these Nine West pumps around 2003, which would make them eight years old!*

Unfortunately, in broad daylight, my tights are NOT brown! They're some sort of gray-purple and don't match my outfit at all. I have no idea what to wear them with in the future.

This photo was taken at Resorts World where we had a lunch meeting. It was my first time to go there, after numerous ignored invitations from friends** (sorry, friends!) because it really is too far to drive all the way there at night, by myself, which is usually the case***.

I got up and dressed today feeling like I wasn't in Manila because of the cool weather... and we ended up in a foreign-looking mall, which we didn't plan on. How funny is that? :)

* I love this pair to death and refuse to throw them away, which explains the numerous trips they've made to Mr. Quickie. I know I have to say goodbye pretty soon with all the broken leather, but I haven't found a decent replacement in the past two years I've been looking :,(
** Who want to meet up for late dinner or drinks aaaaaall the way there. My inner-grandma cringes every time someone invites me.
*** This is the only time I sort-of wish I had a boyfriend to drive me. Sort-of only ;p Haha!

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