Saturday, August 13, 2011


I stepped out in Mother Nature's signature color today -- green! This feather belt perked me up after a late night's sleep :)

I was sooooo excited to bare the most skin after three weeks of pants and long skirts! Eager to show off my (almost) spot-free (lower) legs, I pulled on a knee-length skirt to meet up with friends for lunch. In fashion history, women were liberated when they started wearing pants. I feel the most liberated when I'm wearing a skirt! So breezy!

A lot of my clothes are from my mom as she outgrew them. This moss green tunic, worn here as a top, is one of them. It's my first time to wear it after sitting in the closet for a few years. I like the raw edging, which gives a more organic feel.

This skirt is so easy to keep and pack for travel. Just roll it up and twist for that wrinkled effect.

Because there were several textures in my outfit today, I limited the color palette and chose simple accessories that subtly shone.

Golden browns and greens make for a serene, unobtrusive combination.

mixing up the greens
I felt so at ease in my outfit that I went straight to the office after and was soon sitting on the floor, fixing up my files. My ungracious pose made me reminisce about our high school days when my classmates and I would sit on the floor in our looooong uniform skirts, oblivious to the rules of femininity and grace. Haha. With hardly any males in the school, we didn't care how we sat! Luckily for us, we sort of learned how to be more ladylike as the years passed... I think ;p

Sheer tunic from Picnic. Skirt from Valleygirl. Sandals from Nine West. Belt from Zara. Rings from Japan. Bag from Louis Vuitton.

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