Sunday, August 14, 2011


I'm definitely blessed to be slim. My broad shoulders can be a problem, especially when squeezing into structured corporate blouses, but this is one time I'm glad to have them, because I get to wear this cute halter top! I found this one Sunday afternoon in Novato when I was stationed there for work in 2007.

So the rule I've been adhering to so far about halter tops is to have little or no accessories. Then, I spotted this necklace* I've had since high school. (What can I say, I'm a pack rat!**) So I wondered if this would work on a print...

What do you think? :)

Woohoooo! I can bare my arms and (upper) back! :) It feels sooooo goood!

Scott, you're blocking my shoes!  
Made a spontaneous decision to take out these shoes today. I bought them with Kirst and Annick in Rockwell during our lunch break when I was still working at SSI, and Kirst and I got matching ones! They also had this in maroon and white, but this color combination is a classic. The peeptoe is a nice twist too.

These white sailor shorts have been cooped up for tooooo long in my closet! You can tell by the age stains -- eyuch! (Unfortunately, I only noticed this when I was already out of the house. Note to self: always check my outfit with the window blinds open! And also, have white clothes washed more often.) My consolation is these stains can be washed away.

You know what else would be a great accessory with this outfit? A yacht! Hahaha! Okay, maybe with espadrilles instead of heels...

What, don't you agree? ;) Okay, back to earth then. Later, I changed into another black-and-white pair for a visit to the cemetery. I love it when form meets function! I happily stomped through the muddy grass, knowing it'll be easily cleaned by running water.

What a great weekend! Hope you enjoyed it too!

Blouse from Banana Republic. Long shorts from H&M. Heeled wingtips from Ilaya Couture. Rain skimmers (flats) from Necklace, gift from a friend.
* I've also noticed that they don't make accessories like they used to... This one hasn't tarnished in ten years! The ones I buy now last only one or two uses (especially when it's really humid) before they fade or tarnish :(
** This habit comes in handy when fashion trends come back full circle and oh, looky, I still have that in my closet! Weeding out my closet gets difficult when I think eeeeeverything's a classic! ;p

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