Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celebrating One Month!

Here's to one month of God's graciousness as He keeps pumping me with creativity and enough things to wear! He has been so good to me by sending people who's been so encouraging about this blog. And I've also witnessed His mighty healing hand as my rash has been slowly disappearing, and traces of its existence* is almost gone :) So many blessings in one month!

To commemorate the circumstance with which I started this blog, I've decided to bring back... the high neck!

Nah, it was just a coincidence that I spotted (pun intended) this dress on my clothes rack today, begging to be worn! And even though it had ample coverage on top, it was a bit shorter than my usual outfits. Thankfully, I don't think I scandalized anyone at the office though! :)

I covered up the sleeveless dress with a long, loose blouse. Another favorite because of its size, shape, and of course, the pockets that add volume to ehem... where they're needed ;p

blouse from H&M
This is becoming a favorite silhouette of mine nowadays -- loose top, cinched waist -- makes for a curvier illusion (I think!)

Next time, I'll wear the dress on its own. It looks completely different, you'll see! :)

Thank you for being with me for one month! Here's to our next style adventures together... and plenty more to wear!

Navy and white polka dot dress from Hong Kong. Blouse from H&M. Belt from Topshop. Sandals from VNC. Bag from Louis Vuitton.
* Now limited to areas where anything except beachwear can cover :)

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