Monday, August 15, 2011

Bug Bites

What do I wear to Mancom Monday -- the longest and busiest day of the month? I made the decision easily this morning, partly out of habit, but also because I was running late and didn't have the time to dillydally between looks. Hence the ho-hum pairing of a basic pinstripe button-down and my very reliable cigarette slacks.

Are you as bored as I am by the above image? Zzzzzzz... Before we all drift to dreamland, let me share with you a little something that spiced up my day*.

Blessedly, spontaneous decisions produce pleasant surprises, like these little critters that decided to jump in on today's adventure.

Found these treasures inside a decades-old box of jewelry my mom passed on to me. Can't help but love fashion for recycling trends every few years! And as I get older (turning 27 in a few more weeks!), I enjoy dressing even more because more and more people set their own style today than follow trends blindly.

I set the bugs beneath my propped up collar, and forgot to put on earrings for the day. Oh well! The better to suit a no-nonsense day at work.

I anchored the rest of my stolid outfit with a very practical pair of pointed almost-flats.

Although I've worn this top-and-pants combo countless of times, and hence a feel-gooder-by-virtue-of-comfort-and-calm, it was these jeweled bugs that really pulled me through a tougher-than-usual day. They reminded me that in the midst of demands and rules and boxes, there's room for creativity, for prayer, for inspiration, for some breathing space.

I'd like to end this post to a twist to TGIF. TGMO! Thank God Monday's over!!! :)

Blouse from Zara. Pants from Mphosis. Flats from Minx. Pins, dated 1990s, from my mom.

* That, besides the new assignment I was volunteered for today. Yay!

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