Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday Pink!

Today's my birthday, hooray! What better way to spend it than go to the office?

Hahaha...  Sarcasm aside, I can't remember the last time I went on leave on the day of my actual birthday. I don't think I've ever not gone to work, unless the public holiday was moved to my birthday. But I don't mind working on my birthday, since it usually comes after a long weekend. This year, it followed a FOUR-day weekend! :)

I decided on a blouse that would brighten up what would be a quick day at the office.

I was so happy to get this beautiful fluttery J. Crew blouse when I went to New York last October. I went all pink-crazy shopping during that time after I realized my closet was in dire need of this hue. I fell in love with the watercolor print.

And then with the cascade of ruffles down the front...

And the bow that holds the halter neckline in place and begs for attention at the back.

A lovely top to wrap up a lovely birthday week :)

Blouse from J. Crew. Cardigan from Valleygirl. Harem pants from Hong Kong. Sandals from VNC.

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