Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Behind Bars

Really, when my mom bought me this top, I felt like I belonged in an old-time jail cell. But I leapt at the chance to wear it as fashionably as possible. This look is called criminal chic ;)

Now that I look back at this outfit, I'd like to think this is what I'd bring if I ever had the chance to go to Paris. Hmmm, it's alright to dream, isn't it?

I was pleasantly surprised to see the illusion of curves I had in the above photo. All a product of pleating, stripes, and proper angling for the camera. Hihi.

As you can see, it wasn't so flattering when I tried it on while packing for my trip a few days before...

If I have the time, I'll put on my outfits while packing and mix and match this way so I can see what they actually look like. It takes me a long time to pack this way, but this makes it so much easier for me to decide what to bring along and what to leave behind. That, and it gets me excited for my trip too!

I had a lot of firsts this trip that I'm pretty happy about! This includes wearing a skirt during airport day, since I have always, always traveled in jeans and more recently, leggings (my version of publicly acceptable pajamas). I used to wonder how girls can look so elegant and dressed up for the airport while I'm in my comfiest outfit ever and bundled up for air conditioning. Well, I've put on a skirt and survived! I could still pick up our luggage, kneel on the floor to pack extra stuff in, and move around comfortably, maybe not as primly as I could've but still ;p I guess that's the liberty I allowed myself since I wore shorts underneath my skirt!

Picked up a power-woman book at the airport bookstore. It made me wonder... could I ever be one of those ladies who wear sky-high heels during travel? That brings to mind another set of worrisome questions like...
   - how would I walk? Would my feet die before I reach immigration?
   - would I be able to pick up my luggage? How do those ladies do it? I've never seen them with big pieces of luggage. Do they magically appear at their destination?
   - how many shoes do I bring?
   - how will I shop for much if I bring too many shoes that take up my luggage space?

Pfffft. I think I'll stick to my flats for now!

Top from Metalicus. Skirt from Forever21. Flats from Jellybean.

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