Monday, August 29, 2011

Animal Print Once More

Woohoooo! Thanks to my awesome parents who invited me along, I spent the long weekend (well, after my Saturday class anyway) in Hong Kong.

The weather forecast showed Hong Kong to be rainy with temperatures from 29 to 32 degrees Celsius. Expecting it to be more humid than Manila, I packed some light clothing and what I've been longing to wear for over two months -- SHORTS! :)

I enjoyed striding through the streets of Hong Kong in a summery outfit, especially when I spotted people rushing by in work attire. Hooray for long weekends!

Outside Sogo

I paired my newly acquired Topshop shorts with a sheer animal print top, mixing two themes I never thought could be done.

I put "Shorts" on my Stop Buying list two months ago, only to break my promise when I saw these on sale, in my size, in coral (!!!) and tried them on the second time, this time with my rash gone. *sigh* Afterwards, I made my list public to my closest friends and promised I would. not. buy. shorts. Until next year :)

I can't help it, shorts make me so happy! And they cheer me up especially when I can't hit the beach... I've now put them to good use, don't you think? I didn't have to wait until next summer! ;)

Blouse from Valleygirl. Shorts from Topshop. Sandals from Nine West.

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