Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 1

My rash started last Sunday. I suspect it has something to do with me eating very very healthily and cleanly for the past two months with occasional "treat" meals, then going overboard last Sunday lunch, chomping down on seafood-rich noodles, Elar's lechon, and chicken -- all allergens I'm allowed on my diet, but have never combined in one meal.

Anyway, I had it checked by the doctor, and thankfully, it wasn't measles! Unfortunately, I couldn't get a hold on a dermatologist before my mid-week trip and decided I'd just take the antihistamines my cousin gave me and let the toxin run its course.

By Tuesday, I was worrying* about what to wear** for the rest of the week because the rash which had started innocently on my stomach has crawled its way to my back, my arms, and neck! As I was traveling the next day to Ilocos for work and back late night Thursday, I wanted to be as comfortable*** as possible.

I knew from the past few days that my rash would just progress and I'd need to cover up more. What I would pack for Thursday had to meet the ff. guidelines:

1) A t-shirt to change into after our business meeting, for when we do our store checks.
2) Not just any t-shirt, it had to look proper in case I met any store owners or other business-related people.
3) I wanted a light jacket for when it gets chilly.

So after some thought, I threw together my only collared shirt that didn't have a Polo logo and a new cardigan my mom got me from Australia during her last trip. Never mind if it didn't match! I thought. I just want to be comfortable. This is a photo I took when I got back home in Manila:
True enough, by Thursday night, the rash had started up my neck, down my arms, and more visible on my face, so I'm glad I took this particular cardigan with me. I wrapped both ends around my neck to cover my spots and keep myself warm during the fully air-conditioned Laoag airport. Praise God for timing my rash with the rainy season! I could comfortably wear long-sleeved business shirts and cardigans the whole week; even usually desert-like Laoag was quite cool the whole time I was there.

When I got home, I realized what I've missed out by not trying out mixed stripes sooner! Here's a closer look:
Cute, right? :) Now I feel braver to mix other patterns!

* You'll find that I worry a lot. I'm working to cut this down.
** Yes, I gave more thought on what to wear than how to get rid of my rash.
*** Meaning, as close to pajamas as I possibly can stand while dignified enough to be seen in public.

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