Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Sorbet

Since it'll be another four or so weeks of How to Hide a Rash, I think it's best if I change my post titles to make it more interesting :) That, and I don't know until when we'd be counting!

Forgot to post my Sunday outfit. Since it's my only "free" day -- free from corporate and class restrictions, I wanted to play with colors!

can't get enough of these bangles. love mixing and matching!

Usually, when I wear bangles to the office, I have to take them off to be able to work properly and they end up on the table most of the day. What a waste! That's why I try to remember using them off-office hours.

At first, I wasn't sure I could pull off having so many hues in one outfit... but I bravely stepped out the door* and voila!

fast becoming my rainy-day favorites
I'm falling more and more in love with my Bershka wedges. They prove so useful for rainy weather! Airy enough for my feet to breathe during this humidity, and high enough to save my feet from puddles**. I only discovered the importance of this last fact when I had to run through a sudden downpour this afternoon!

Later changed into slippers for some bonding mani-pedi time with my cousin Ainslee :)

Ahhhh... I love this weekend!

* Resisting multiple looks in the mirror helps build up courage! Haha!
** My feet are drawn to puddles! No matter how long I calculate puddle depth when crossing the street, my foot's bound to step into the deepest one. No fail.

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