Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stepping Out, Stepping Up, NYC-Style!

Today's look may be quite safe, but I more than made up for it by stepping waayyyy out of my comfort zone tonight. More on that later. Let's dissect ze outfit!

Felt like channeling the cities of all cities today via a dress I got last year. What could be more urban chic than an exposed zipper, a black and cream graphic print, modern cut, and layering on black?
mock turtleneck underneath kept me warm on a rainy Thursday

Oh Anna Sui knock-off, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Aside from the exposed zipper that starts from the hem to the chest, there are the modified mandarin collar and the flat silver buttons that flicker like the city lights...

The dropped armhole that allows for extra movement... oh, how I miss the freedom of expression that surprises you in the forms of pavement art and violins playing in the subway stations!

The hemmed sleeve that mirrors the jilted lover hanging delicately from a building precipice, contemplating life's value...

The slit across the back waist, almost as unnoticeable as a backstreet alley that undeniably lends the neighborhood an extra aura of mystery (or danger)...

Or the drawstring that secures everything together, as decided yet nonchalant as the bike messenger weaving expertly through afternoon traffic.

Oh, how I love this dress! I chose to wear it today to comply with the "business casual" dress code for Philippine Star's 25th anniversary party in Makati Shangri-la in the evening. I invited my dear friend Kellda to be my date and asked her to help me promote Guard. As I've been living a pretty hermetic life since college, I needed someone gutsy and sociable with me!

When we entered the lobby around 7:40, we came face to face with my dream endorser* Ms. Lucy Torres-Gomez looking very heavenly in a teal ethereal gown and flanked by her gorgeous husband Mr. Richard Gomez. The sight of this gorgeous couple caught me off-guard as we continued to walk towards the ballroom. I wanted to kick myself as I should've walked up to her and given her a product sample!!!!** It dawned on me much, much later that they were headed home. Gosh, I am soooo sooo shy. Can I really get through this night?

Oh, but the night was still young and full of promise! Kellda and I went in and headed straight for the food ;p

After we had our fill, we moved around the ballroom and people-watched. I was contemplating on doing just that this evening when Kellda said, why don't we have your photo taken with Venus and you can give her a sample? We couldn't miss our first target. I felt like a dwarf beside her!

with BB. Pilipinas Universe Ms. Venus Raj
I was sooooo kilig when I handed her a sample and she goes "Oh, I saw your ad!" Like a blubberhead, I go Yes! Yes! Uhhh... Yes! Hahaha! Wow! With our paper-thin placements, someone saw our ads! My head was still reeling from her comment 20 minutes later. I was so happy. That was easy, I thought, but I'm soooo not comfortable doing this.

We spent a long time looking for someone to approach next since by that time, a lot of people had left. Oooooh! Female idol spotted! We waited around ten minutes while she was chatting with someone. I was shaking with nervousness the whole time we were waiting.

with Senator Pia Cayetano
Sen. Pia was sooooo nice. I wanted to hug her when she asked for my card and gave me hers. Oh my goodness! I have Sen. Pia Cayetano's business card!!! Okay. Breathe. Step. Away. Stop. Talking. And step. Away. Slowly now...

Okay, Kellds. I'm giving one more sample and then I'm good to go. Hosts Ai-Ai and Tim were still onstage doing their thing and introduced Mr. Pure Energy Gary V, who went onstage to sing. The hosts went down and sat stage side. No one was bothering them. Should I? Could I? I gathered my guts, moved across the ballroom, and within the two-meter expanse between the crowd and where the duo were seated, I almost backed out. Jill, go go go! Without Kellda's urging, I really would've let my insecurity get the best of me.

with Mr. Tim Yap and Ms. Ai-Ai delas Alas
I think I really blabbered on too much about Guard being gentle on skin. Okay, I'm done! It was a productive night, maybe more productive than my day at the office!

Thank you, Philippine Star. The truth shall prevail. And guts will prevail too, given its something that will help my brand. Ohhhh the things I will do for you... I think of all the times I've come across celebrities and have never asked for photos or autographs because I just can't bring myself to approach them. And yet, in a span of thirty minutes, I have done an uncomfortable thing three times.

Thank God for gutsy friends! Thank God for opportunities to step out of my comfort zone -- waaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone. And thank God I have the most comfortable, secure dress to do it in :)

* Oh how I wish we could afford you!
** I still feel bad about not ambushing her. Oh well! Some day, my dear gorgeous Ms. Lucy... we shall meet and I will be very composed and almost worthy to enter your presence.

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