Monday, July 25, 2011

Something New, and A Little Flounce

I can't deny it... I like being a girly-girl. And since I can't go around the office in a tutu*, what better way to express it with a hint of flounce?

I like how the sash widens at the end so it gives a little more volume when tied into a bow :) Also had two new accessories today...

My nails**! Which took the whole of yesterday afternoon to dry...

And my new lip color!

I don't ever wear lipstick, which is a cause of frustration for my dear friend Esel, but I couldn't resist picking up this shade in Tulle at Bobbi Brown yesterday.

Hooray for new things! Today was a happy, productive Monday, partly because of my new accessories but largely because I did some organizing yesterday. Woke up raring and ready to go!

Can't wait for the rest of the week to rock on!

* Although the thought has crossed my mind many, many times...
** Please pardon my feet.
*** I'm not exaggerating. In between the time I got home and showered, I had cleaned my room, taken a nap, put products in my hair, and had dinner. Oh, and I had to blow dry my nails for 20 minutes. This is why I do this like, once every two years ;p

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  1. special mention to my lip comments :) love you jill!!!!


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