Saturday, July 30, 2011

When I feel like being ho-hum, gotta fight it!

I really wanted to spend the day in a guy's plaid flannel shirt, leggings, and white sneakers today, so I did quite the opposite! I included two adventurous ingredients today, the first one mixing the sweetness of lace and the ferociousness of leopard...

And slapping on this gorgeous Bobbi Brown Cosmic Raspberry lipstick I'm usually too self-conscious to try, less alone buy! Something new I got last week. Hmmm... can't say I regret it!

I just have to be conscious to check and reapply regularly when I use this shade, because it looks really obvious when it's faded, unlike lighter shades which just blend into my natural lip color.*

This is me sitting in front of Topshop, being a very good girl while waiting for my friends to show up.** I was also daring enough to wear something a bit low-cut since my scars have lightened a bit.

Here with my gorgeous friends, Kim and Esel! There's nothing like catching up with good friends to add a healthy, youthful glow to one's aura.

Happy, blessed weekend! :)

* And hence, "forget" to reapply. I'm so not used to wearing lipstick, really.
** But that was only because I didn't see anything in Topshop I wanted to buy. Hihihi. I tried to concentrate on my Filipino novel instead. One week until the deadline of our book review and 40+ pages to go! Nosebleed.

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