Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Purple, Gold, and Tan

So excited to bring several pieces together today I never thought would work! Here's a quick peek at some favorites, vintage & new.

Something old -- I always feel extra glam when I throw on this vintage beaded cardigan. When I bought it, some of the beads were falling off already, but I had them secured. Now I can hardly tell that some rows are missing.

beaded sleeve
And something new -- I purchased these babies last year but today's the first time I wore them! How could I have forgotten you for so long??? I couldn't resist the gold studs on black patent :)

Combined different textures and patterns again. I must admit, this rash has really made me more adventurous! I noticed mid-afternoon that if you look close enough, you can see my spots through the stockings. Oops.
crochet, beaded, chevron, patent
Please don't laugh. I wanted to take my photo outdoors where it was brighter, and it was really drizzling so I needed an umbrella*...

* Tan umbrella from Uniqlo, which I lugged all the way from Japan in 2005. There were thousands of gorgeous umbrellas in Tokyo, and I wanted to bring home all of them! Was it any surprise I came home with three?! I figured, if I need to hand carry one, might as well buy more. Shopping logic. Haha!

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