Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 9

The good thing about hearing bad news is that after awhile, you just accept it and plan how to move along with the program. After receiving the doctor's news that my rash would probably get worse and stay for another 4-8 weeks, I got down to work. Meaning, I raided my mom's closet for some high-necked blouses. Hopefully, it won't be this humid next week so I don't suffocate!

It was a gorgeously sunny Saturday, and I'd have LOVED to lounge around in shorts the whole day. This was out of the campus dress code (No shorts above the knee. Hello?!) so I cheered myself up with a concoction of light colors, breezy, textured fabrics, and summer wedges.

lavender camisole underneath a white mesh blouse
It felt very much like a short-white-summer-dress type of day, and this is what I chose considering my body condition and dress code limitations.

summer heels! almost as good as wearing shorts
I really like how my pale lavender camisole subtly lends a hint of color to my white top.

silver belt, gold studs and stitching
After class, I met up with my parents in Serendra for dinner. But while waiting for them to arrive, I had time to kill. I was drawn immediately to Topshop but pretended I didn't really want to go in by dilly-dallying first in Charles & Keith ;p When that didn't work, I charged right in*.

Oooooh, look at these cute coral shorts!!!

The sight of my coral-spotted legs blending in with the eyelet shorts did not make me feel good. I tried on a lace dress, and fell in looooove.

my favorite part was the perfect sleeve length and hem

It was quite short though, and didn't feel comfortable wearing it as is**. I left instead with a white long-sleeved grandma blouse and a light blue sleeveless top -- hmmm, something new for me! :) Unfortunately, the latter piece will have to debut when my skin clears up!

I was itching for new shoes too, so I wisely called up my parents to meet up with them before I could do further damage in Nine West***. Here we are with their weakness: chocolate cake.

What a good Saturday!

* Who was I trying to kid? ;)
** I might have been more tempted to buy it had I had flawless legs at the time.
*** I resisted this time, but I managed to peep in and spotted two potential babies already! Eek!

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