Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 8

Today was quite warm again as the skies have been slowly collecting moisture from the ground and have yet to release rain to cool us down, so I didn't feel like sweating in any of my 20+ cardigans*.

I've been waiting to wear this sea green stretchy dress that my mom bought from Australia. It's got a scoop neck so I wore it backwards with my skinny jeans and a black button-down dress. Never mind if I had spots all over my arms and hands; I figured they've lightened enough for selective public viewing**.

hello, sunshine!

black stone ring and H&M old gold necklace from my lovely cousin Erika
oops. forgot earrings today.
After a few hectic hours at the office***, I went back to the dermatologist for my scheduled check-up. She confirmed: it's a viral rash. Okay, I wasn't so affected. Then came her next words, "it's going to last another 4-8 weeks."

Whaaaaa---t? Four to eight weeks? Last night, I was already celebrating next weeks' bare arms and bare legs with visions of skirts and short-sleeved blouses! :,(

The doctor said my immune system's resistance must have been low at the time I received the rash. Okay, I get the point. I have to exercise, get adequate amounts of sleep, Vit. C, water, and not stretch myself too much. Easier said than done****.

But when I got home, I promptly changed into some pieces that were largely underused ;p
Run for Home singlet, Lululemon hot pants, Mizuno running shoes
Lululemon is probably one of the very few reasons you'd get me to sweat :)

Now, off to get my much-needed sleep!

* Rough estimate. Don't ask me why I have so many! I still don't have any in gray... Hmmm :)
** Sorry, family members and officemates!
*** Honestly, how do other people get any work done with all these meetings. Oh yeah, they have assistants :p But seriously, I have to learn how to plan better too.
**** Believe me, I've been telling myself this for the past ___ years :)

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