Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 4

My rash has gotten worse still!

I'm usually in corporate on Mondays, but sadly have to put off wearing a dress for today. To perk myself up, I decided to mix a few colors I haven't tried yet. This is one out of two colored button-downs* I have, and I didn't even buy this for myself! Again, nothing mind-boggling... I'm taking baby steps.

I had my photo taken while waiting for the dermatologist. I really hate waiting (and I know there's a good chance I'll have to do it), so I brought my laptop, wrote up a couple of e-mails, and asked the sweet receptionist Jovy -- who by that time was done cleaning the clinic -- to please take a photo of me**. I love how the lighting doesn't show the spots and unevenness of my face.

peach Bossini button-down shirt; green horsehair belt from Guangzhou;
gray ultra-light Una Rosa pants; gray Nine West pumps

I matched my gray pants with pumps in the same hue. This made me feel less scared about my color mix.

peach, green, gray, navy.
four colors! hooray for me!

Overall, had a good day despite the incessant scratching***. The dermatologist gave me steroids to take for the week and asked me to come back on Friday. I'm praying this will do the trick! Because if it doesn't... I really might have to wear a veil tomorrow**** :p

* That is, if you don't consider white and navy as colors. My corporate wardrobe is so blah!
** I promise myself I'll learn how to pose better and position my feet. They look huge! Aghhh.
*** I know, I know, I really shouldn't scratch :( What's that guys say? "If it itches... scratch!"?
**** Which might not be so bad. Maybe veil-making is God's calling for me??? Hm. Will find out.

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