Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 6

This series "How to Cover a Rash" might be over pretty soon! Saw the FIRST sign of improvement in 10 days on my arm this morning, compared to last night's condition! Praise God! I'm part happy -- looking forward to having normal, smooth human skin!* -- and part sentimental -- I had a lot of fun creating looks in reaction to this crisis.

Guess what I decided to wear today?
black panel skirt with VNC patent slingbacks

Yup! My inner girl finally said, enough with the pants already!!! Since I couldn't wear a pencil skirt for obvious reasons (hello, spotted legs!) and more practical ones (I had several meetings in different places today so I had to be able to move comfortably), I opted for one of my favorite skirts, a hand-me-down from my mom. I used to wear it to death years ago when the Bohemian trend was the rage. Oh, and it was the perfect college-girl balance -- a bit feminine and so very comfortable**!

topped with a black-and-white sleeveless blouse from Zara
another favorite because it's so light and breezy!***
cinched with a garter belt
and broke the monotony with a cream cardigan

After my first meeting of the day, Mr. Berba took me and my uncle to visit the Science Centrum in Marikina to see if we could partner with them for future CSR projects. I never knew we had this cool place akin to the science museums I visited in other countries... tucked quietly away in Riverbanks Marikina! I was in for more surprises!

this wasn't in my styling plans for the day
but I happily obliged with child-like glee

I took a refresher course on gravity...
my weight gain program would've been successful
had I lived on Jupiter!
...static energy...
a most hair-raising experience
this was NOT what I expected I'd look like this morning!

...optical illusions...
finally, a complete outfit shot!
...and much more. I really need to come back! Science was one of my not-so-favorite subjects, but this place made it so much fun to relearn!
Science Centrum is situated along the corridor
between Reyes BBQ and Figaro in Riverbanks Marikina
After lunch, it was back to the office for me! An afternoon filled with meetings, emails, calls, etc. etc. Notice something different in this photo???

down to business
My arms! :) Still quite spotty but promising! So very excited to bare my arms and legs next week!

Now... off to dinner!

* Running my fingers over my skin feels luxuriously like an ostrich leather bag :p
** Better than pajamas!
*** Are we starting to see a trend here? :D

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