Sunday, July 31, 2011

Missing Summer

Woke up to cool weather today, and it went down to as low as twenty-four degrees! Brrr. Haha. I'm really not used to "cold" weather. Brought the sunshine in with a sunny maxi dress I got in 168 Mall last year. It was a toss-up between this color and a green-blue-purple one. Hmmm, might be time for a revisit! :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

When I feel like being ho-hum, gotta fight it!

I really wanted to spend the day in a guy's plaid flannel shirt, leggings, and white sneakers today, so I did quite the opposite! I included two adventurous ingredients today, the first one mixing the sweetness of lace and the ferociousness of leopard...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dress-down Friday

The week went by so fast!

Dug up something I've neglected for a few months now... my crocheted jacket. I've always worn it over a tank top for light layering, but I didn't want to wait until next summer to wear it again. Why not try something different?

I chose to wear it with a long-sleeved shirt underneath, and decided a bright hue would make the difference from grandma (hello, crochet and pearls) and hrmmmm twenty-something. I hope I achieved it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stepping Out, Stepping Up, NYC-Style!

Today's look may be quite safe, but I more than made up for it by stepping waayyyy out of my comfort zone tonight. More on that later. Let's dissect ze outfit!

Felt like channeling the cities of all cities today via a dress I got last year. What could be more urban chic than an exposed zipper, a black and cream graphic print, modern cut, and layering on black?
mock turtleneck underneath kept me warm on a rainy Thursday

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Purple, Gold, and Tan

So excited to bring several pieces together today I never thought would work! Here's a quick peek at some favorites, vintage & new.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black Canvas

Today's torrential rains couldn't dampen my spirits. In fact, I'm quite thankful for tropical depression Juaning, because it meant I could wear a skirt!

Sounds contradictory? It's not! The past few days have been too humid to wear tights*... and with today's gloomy weather, I jumped right into them!
black textured tights, magenta pencil skirt

Monday, July 25, 2011

Something New, and A Little Flounce

I can't deny it... I like being a girly-girl. And since I can't go around the office in a tutu*, what better way to express it with a hint of flounce?

I like how the sash widens at the end so it gives a little more volume when tied into a bow :) Also had two new accessories today...

Sunday Sorbet

Since it'll be another four or so weeks of How to Hide a Rash, I think it's best if I change my post titles to make it more interesting :) That, and I don't know until when we'd be counting!

Forgot to post my Sunday outfit. Since it's my only "free" day -- free from corporate and class restrictions, I wanted to play with colors!

can't get enough of these bangles. love mixing and matching!

Usually, when I wear bangles to the office, I have to take them off to be able to work properly and they end up on the table most of the day. What a waste! That's why I try to remember using them off-office hours.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 9

The good thing about hearing bad news is that after awhile, you just accept it and plan how to move along with the program. After receiving the doctor's news that my rash would probably get worse and stay for another 4-8 weeks, I got down to work. Meaning, I raided my mom's closet for some high-necked blouses. Hopefully, it won't be this humid next week so I don't suffocate!

It was a gorgeously sunny Saturday, and I'd have LOVED to lounge around in shorts the whole day. This was out of the campus dress code (No shorts above the knee. Hello?!) so I cheered myself up with a concoction of light colors, breezy, textured fabrics, and summer wedges.

lavender camisole underneath a white mesh blouse

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 8

Today was quite warm again as the skies have been slowly collecting moisture from the ground and have yet to release rain to cool us down, so I didn't feel like sweating in any of my 20+ cardigans*.

I've been waiting to wear this sea green stretchy dress that my mom bought from Australia. It's got a scoop neck so I wore it backwards with my skinny jeans and a black button-down dress. Never mind if I had spots all over my arms and hands; I figured they've lightened enough for selective public viewing**.

hello, sunshine!

How to Hide a Rash, Part 7

Today, I decided to wear a breezy blouse with enough coverage instead of layering with a cardigan.

I purchased this blouse from Topshop a few months ago while out with my niece. I loved the print right away! It has a whimsical feel of gypsies and fields and starbursts and dandelions, don't you think?

Topshop lavender and gray blouse

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 6

This series "How to Cover a Rash" might be over pretty soon! Saw the FIRST sign of improvement in 10 days on my arm this morning, compared to last night's condition! Praise God! I'm part happy -- looking forward to having normal, smooth human skin!* -- and part sentimental -- I had a lot of fun creating looks in reaction to this crisis.

Guess what I decided to wear today?
black panel skirt with VNC patent slingbacks

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 5

Surprise! I didn't have to wear a veil today! When I woke up this morning, I looked at my arm and gave a breath of praise. It looks ever so slightly improved from what it looked like last night, a good sign considering I can observe marked changes for the worse every few hours for the past week :)

I had a foundation meeting to attend at 9 am and wanted to cover up my neck, so those were my considerations for deciding on today's outfit. I had actually already picked something out last night, but opted for a lighter blouse given the sunny weather outside.

Zara ruffled cotton turtleneck* to hide rash**
pearls to look "proper"
Gap argyle sweater

Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 4

My rash has gotten worse still!

I'm usually in corporate on Mondays, but sadly have to put off wearing a dress for today. To perk myself up, I decided to mix a few colors I haven't tried yet. This is one out of two colored button-downs* I have, and I didn't even buy this for myself! Again, nothing mind-boggling... I'm taking baby steps.

I had my photo taken while waiting for the dermatologist. I really hate waiting (and I know there's a good chance I'll have to do it), so I brought my laptop, wrote up a couple of e-mails, and asked the sweet receptionist Jovy -- who by that time was done cleaning the clinic -- to please take a photo of me**. I love how the lighting doesn't show the spots and unevenness of my face.

peach Bossini button-down shirt; green horsehair belt from Guangzhou;
gray ultra-light Una Rosa pants; gray Nine West pumps

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Hide a Rash, Part 3

Agenda for the day included attending church service, followed by running errands (lots!) in SM Megamall.

Usually, I'd wear a dress and heels for Sunday service but by now, my lower legs were already spotty and I didn't want to alarm any strangers with my "measles". And I had to run from building to building in Megamall.

My compromise of dressy and on-the-go:

Yup, once I like a piece of clothing, I like wearing it to death! Lace jacket worn here with a magenta top for a pop of color, my mom's navy Balenciaga (perfect for my small purchases -- reduce the use of plastic bags!), and gray flats.

How to Hide a Rash, Part 2

On Friday night, while trying my best not to scratch, I was mentally sifting through my closet for pieces that were high-neck, long-sleeved, but didn't make me look like a nun prude grandma.

Enter my dear friend and stylista fairy godmother Esel, who came over in what she calls a casual get-up: shorts (okay, casual enough), sleeveless shirt (still casual), and gray lace cover-up from her mom's 90s closet (uhhh, kind of dressy for a night in). Upon hearing about my predicament, she promptly took off her cover-up and offered me to use it for the meantime. Her recommendation: wear it with skinny jeans, a tank top, and heels to keep me from looking like a grandma.

gray corded lace jacket*
who would've thought it could look so now?

How to Hide a Rash, Part 1

My rash started last Sunday. I suspect it has something to do with me eating very very healthily and cleanly for the past two months with occasional "treat" meals, then going overboard last Sunday lunch, chomping down on seafood-rich noodles, Elar's lechon, and chicken -- all allergens I'm allowed on my diet, but have never combined in one meal.

Anyway, I had it checked by the doctor, and thankfully, it wasn't measles! Unfortunately, I couldn't get a hold on a dermatologist before my mid-week trip and decided I'd just take the antihistamines my cousin gave me and let the toxin run its course.

By Tuesday, I was worrying* about what to wear** for the rest of the week because the rash which had started innocently on my stomach has crawled its way to my back, my arms, and neck! As I was traveling the next day to Ilocos for work and back late night Thursday, I wanted to be as comfortable*** as possible.

I knew from the past few days that my rash would just progress and I'd need to cover up more. What I would pack for Thursday had to meet the ff. guidelines:

1) A t-shirt to change into after our business meeting, for when we do our store checks.
2) Not just any t-shirt, it had to look proper in case I met any store owners or other business-related people.
3) I wanted a light jacket for when it gets chilly.

So after some thought, I threw together my only collared shirt that didn't have a Polo logo and a new cardigan my mom got me from Australia during her last trip. Never mind if it didn't match! I thought. I just want to be comfortable. This is a photo I took when I got back home in Manila:
True enough, by Thursday night, the rash had started up my neck, down my arms, and more visible on my face, so I'm glad I took this particular cardigan with me. I wrapped both ends around my neck to cover my spots and keep myself warm during the fully air-conditioned Laoag airport. Praise God for timing my rash with the rainy season! I could comfortably wear long-sleeved business shirts and cardigans the whole week; even usually desert-like Laoag was quite cool the whole time I was there.

When I got home, I realized what I've missed out by not trying out mixed stripes sooner! Here's a closer look:
Cute, right? :) Now I feel braver to mix other patterns!

* You'll find that I worry a lot. I'm working to cut this down.
** Yes, I gave more thought on what to wear than how to get rid of my rash.
*** Meaning, as close to pajamas as I possibly can stand while dignified enough to be seen in public.


Have you ever thrown your hands up in the air and said "I have NOTHING to wear!"?

Well, I have. Countless times. Maybe every other occasion :D

Despite the fact that my clothes have extended their habitat beyond my (very small) closet and onto a wheeled rack, spilling onto the floor and a couch that I've never sat on in the past five years; that my mom shops for me when she goes on trips; that I sometimes borrow clothes from my friends and regularly scour thrift shops for new finds, I honestly have a hard time finding SOMETHING to wear.

Well, I had a big wake-up call from God today* about this not-so-nice mindset of "having nothing to wear". I honestly have a LOT of stuff in my room, and being happy just means being content and creative with what I have.

So my dear readers, I hope you and I will enjoy this ride together. I won't try to be an expert about fashion designers or the latest trends, though I'll try to keep current, but I'll write what I know -- and that's about making do with having "nothing to wear" :)

*Today's Sunday message was on gratitude, and one example of ingratitude flashed on-screen was repeatedly uttering the words "I have nothing to wear!" Oops. Guilty!
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